Update Homestay Profile

  • Where can I see my listing?

    Hosts can preview the listing immediately after the edit.

    To view your listing on Homadorma:

    1. Go to My account
    2. Click Public View on the left side of the page (attach the image below)

    3. You will be taken to your profile page that's visible in public

  • How do I update my homestay profile?

    To edit your homestay profile:

    1. Go to My Homestay on homadorma.com
    2. Under My Homestay menu, there are several parts to edit:
    3. After editing, click Save Changes.

  • How do I update my homestay address?

    Homestay address can not be updated by hosts once it's entered at the registration.

    Host may need to update the address due to address change, incomplete address at registration etc. If you'd like to update your address information, please contact our host support. Let us know your complete address, including:

    • Street Number
    • Street Name
    • Apt/Unit Number (if applicable)
    • City
    • Province
    • Postal Code

    After receiving your new complete address information, our host support will update the address for you.

  • How do I add my house rules?

    To add Homestay Regulations:

    1. Login as a host on Homadorma
    2. Go to Homestay Features
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will find Self Introduction & Regulations part
    4. Enter your house rules in the second text box
    5. Click Save Changes button to save your update

    Your house rules will be shown on your Public View page, and also HOST/RENTER AGREEMENT (after booking confirmation).

  • I only want to accommodate students with specific age range or go to a specific school. Can I set the preference?

    You can update your age preference in your account. To update the age preference:

    1. Login as a host on Homadorma
    2. Go to Homestay Features
    3. At Preferences section, set the minimum age and/or maximum age of the student you'd like to accommodate
    4. Click Save Changes button to save your update

    If you would only accommodate students going to one specific school, please feel free to indicate the information in your Self Introduction & Regulations section.

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