Update Homestay Profile

  • How do I update my homestay profile?

    To edit your homestay profile:

    1. Go to My Homestay on homadorma.com
    2. Under My Homestay menu, there're several parts to edit:
    3. After editing, click Save Changes.
  • How do I update my homestay address?

    Homestay address can not be updated by hosts. If you recently moved to a new address and want to update it on Homadorma. Please contact us. We will remove your old homestay profile, then you will be able to submit a new application with the new address.

  • How do I add my house rules?

    To add Homestay Regulations:

    1. Go to Homestay Features
    2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will find Self Introduction & Regulations part
    3. Enter your house rules in the second text box
    4. Click Save Changes

    Your house rules will shown on your Public View page, and also HOST/RENTER AGREEMENT (after booking confirmation).

  • How do I add a security deposit to my profile?

    To add Homestay Regulations:

    1. Go to Price & Availability on homadorma.com
    2. At Security Deposit part, enter an amount in CAD
    3. Click Save Changes

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