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Booking status
Booking status
  • What does each booking status mean?

    You can find your booking status on My Booking page. Below are all the booking status details.

    • Student wants to move in!
      • Meaning: The student has sent you a booking request. The student is interested in booking your homestay
      • What's next?
        Click the student name and check student’s profile. If you are interested in this student, click INVITE button if you are interested in hosting the student. Chat with the student at My Message page and introduce yourself, or click REJECT button if you are unable to host the student
    • Waiting for student to pay
      • Meaning: The student will have options to book your room directly, or book a Homestay Tour and meet you if the student is in town. You do not have to hold the room for the student at this point yet
      • What’s next?
        Keep in touch with the student and learn about his/her booking plan
    • Student paid to book
      • Meaning: The student has decided to book your home and made the payment on Homadorma
      • What's next?
        Confirm the booking as soon as possible
    • Booking confirmed
      • Meaning: You have confirmed the booking. The booking is completed at this stage
      • What's next?
        Review the contract and make sure the booking information is all correct. If you see any incorrect information, please let our host support know immediately. Please make sure the room is ready for student to stay. Feel free to contact the student for arrival information (flight number, arrival time, luggages etc.)
    • Student did not book
      • Meaning: The student hasn’t had any activity recently. He/she might be in contact with other hosts
      • Host action requirements: No requirement. You can delete this student by clicking the X button
      • What's next?
        You can delete this student by clicking the X button if you are no longer waiting for the student to book
    • You did not respond in time
      • Meaning: When a student sends you a booking request, you have 5 days to invite or reject the student
      • Host action requirements: If you are still interested in the student, you can click Reconnect to invite the student. If you are not interested anymore, you can also delete this student by clicking the X button
      • What’s next?
        If you are still interested in the student and would like to invite the student to move-in, you can click RECONNECT button to invite the student. If you are not interested in this student, you can delete this student by clicking the X button
    • Student visit requested
      • Meaning: A student would like to meet you. The student has paid for the Homestay Tour
      • What’s next?
        Schedule a meet up time with the visitor and show him/her your home. Learn more about each other. Talk about your homestay experience, house rules etc. The visitor will submit a rating about the visiting experience afterwards. Encourage the student to book your room on Homadorma
    • Student has decided not to continue
      • Meaning: The student has deleted you from his/her booking status
      • What's next?
        You can go to Find Students page to look for new students
    Learn about the booking procedure

  • What do I do when I receive a booking request?

    • Check the student's profile

      Click student ID number to check the student's profile, and make sure this is a good match for you.
    • Communicate with the student

      You can click the Message button to communicate with the student in case you have any questions. A chatting conversation doesn’t count as a response to a request.
    • Invite or Reject the request

      Once you decided, invite or reject the request
      If you invite, please double check the move-in date and the level of the student room. Most importantly, make sure your Homestay Profile is up to date. After inviting, your profile will be uneditable temporarily
      If you reject, you may want to update your calendar to avoid receiving other requests for the same dates

  • What do I do when I receive a booking confirmation request?

    • Confirm the booking

      Once a student makes the booking payment, you need to confirm for acceptance of the student at your earliest convenience
    • Reserve the room

      After the confirmation, your student room has been reserved

      A formal contract is signed electronically when a booking is confirmed. You may find the sample contract here: HOST/RENTER AGREEMENT (Sample)

  • What do I do when a student requests to change the move-in date after a booking is confirmed

    Sometimes a student may wish to change the move-in date after the payment is made and the contract finalized. Maybe the flight is changed, the school start date gets delayed, or even they simply want to arrive on a different date. When you receive such request, you have the option to approve or reject. Here is how to do it

    • When the student requests to change move-in date after contract finalized, you'll receive a system message at My Message
    • Head to Booking Status to locate the move-in date change request. The new move-in date proposed by the student is also presented on the page. You'll see the option to Accept or Reject the request
    • If you accept the request, the move-in date on the contract will be updated. The payment date of the security deposit and homestay fee will be adjusted accordingly
    • If you reject the request, the move-in date on the contract will not be affected. The student is still obliged to move in to your homestay on the date specified on the contract, if the student does not terminate the homestay booking
    • The student retains the rights to terminate homestay booking whether you accept or reject the move-in date change request. So we recommend the host to thoroughly discuss with the student and understand his/her travel plan, before accepting or rejecting

  • I accidentally invited the student, can I withdraw?

    No worries! If you accidentally invited a student who you are not interested in, you can always remove the student from your Booking Status page. The student will receive a notification that you choose to reject the booking request.
    To delete a student from your Booking Status:

    • Go to Booking Status
    • You will find a “X” icon displayed on the top right hand corner of the student’s information
    • Click the “X” icon. Then the student is removed by you from your Booking Status page

  • How do I reconnect with a student that I previously rejected?

    If you had previously declined a student either due to a full house or other personal reasons, you now have the opportunity to re-establish contact by following these steps:

    1. Access Booking Status
    2. Identify the student you had previously declined, and click on the "X" icon situated in the upper right-hand corner of the student's information, if this step hasn't been completed previously
    3. Navigate to Find Students
    4. Locate the student and select Check Profile
    5. Follow the instructions provided on the page to promote your homestay, or alternatively, invite the student to book if you have an active listing plan in place.

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