Booking Status

  • What does each booking status mean?

    You can find your booking status on My Booking page. Below are all the booking status details.

    • Student is interested
      • Message shown on booking page: Student wants to move in! Please respond by inviting or rejecting the student
      • Meaning: The student has clicked “request to book” on the public view of your homestay. The student is interested in booking your homestay.
      • Host action requirements: Invite or Reject the student
    • Your Invitation Sent
      • Message shown on booking page: Waiting for student to make payment
      • Meaning: The student will see options to “pay to book” directly, or “pay to visit” if the student is in town. You do not have to hold the room for the student at this point yet.
    • Student booked
      • Message shown on booking page: Payment is made. Please confirm your acceptance of the student
      • Host action requirements: Confirm the booking as soon as possible
    • Student did not book
      • Message shown on booking page: The student did not book
      • Host action requirements: No requirement. You can delete this student by clicking the X button
    • Inquiry Expired
      • Message shown on booking page: Sorry, you did not respond in time. Are you still interested in hosting this student?
      • Host action requirements: If you are still interested in the student, you can click Reconnect to invite the student. If you are not interested anymore, you can also delete this student by clicking the X button
    • Student visit requested
      • Message shown on booking page: Student visit requested. Please wait for further instruction from Homadorma
      • Host action requirements: Chat with the student and set a visit time works the best for both. Homadorma staff will verify the student's identification and send the contact information to each party
    • Student has decided not to continue
      • Message shown on booking page: Sorry, student has decided not to continue. Let's find other students!
      • Host action requirements: You can go to Find Students page to look for more new students
  • What do I do after I receive a move-in request?

    • Check the student's profile

      Click student ID number to check the student's profile, and make sure this is a good match for you.
    • Chat with the student

      You can click Chat button to communicate with the student in case you have any questions. A chatting conversation doesn’t count as a response to a request.
    • Invite or Reject the request

      Once you decided, invite or reject the request
      If you invite, please double check the move-in date and the level of the student room. Most importantly, make sure your Homestay Profile is up to date. After inviting, your profile will be uneditable temporarily
      If you reject, you may want to update your calendar to avoid receiving other requests for the same dates
  • What do I do after I receive a booking confirmation request?

    • Confirm the booking

      Once a student makes the booking payment, you need to confirm for acceptance of the student at your earliest convenience
    • Reserve the room

      After the confirmation, your student room has been reserved

      A formal contract is signed electronically when a booking is confirmed. You may find the sample contract here: HOST/RENTER AGREEMENT (Sample)

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