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Finding a homestay
Finding a homestay
  • How do I search for a homestay to stay?

    To search for a homestay on Homadorma:

    1. On, select destination category from: City, Elementary School, Secondary School, University/College, Language School;
    2. Enter your destination city or school name in the search box;
    3. When you see the suggested results shown below the search box, click the result of your destination;
    4. Scroll through the homestay listings;
    5. Click on a homestay listing photo to open it. To learn more about it, view more Photos, check the Rooms and Facilities, Commute options, Family Members information, Meals, Host Self-Introduction and Homestay Regulations;
    6. If you are interested in a homestay, click CONTACT HOST button to connect with the host
  • How do I use search filters?

    If you want to narrow down your choices when looking for a homestay to stay, you can use the search filters. For the most accurate results, always start your search by choosing your destination category and enter your destination city or school name.

    Other filters are available as well, some of which can be found at homestay listing page:

    • Move in Date: Select a date of your move-in on the calendar to find all homestays are available to accommodate;
    • Room Type: Choose the type of student room you'd like to book, for example an upstairs/ground floor student room or a basement student room;
    • Price Range: Choose a price range to find homestays in your budget;
    • No Cat: If you prefer not to live in a homestay with cats, check “No Cat” box;
    • No Dog: If you prefer not to live in a homestay with dogs, check “No Cat” box;
    • With Photos: Check the box to see all homestay listings with photos.
  • How do I know if a homestay is available?

    There are two places you can find out if a homestay is available:

    1. Homestay listing page: Using search filter, Move in Date to select your scheduled move-in date on the calendar. It means the host has indicated this homestay will be available from this date;
    2. Homestay Profile page: The homestay availability is visible at each homestay’s profile page as:
      Available from: yyyy-mm-dd
      It means the host has indicated this homestay will be available from this date

    While we strongly encourage all hosts to keep their calendars up to date, consider sending a message to hosts to double check that their homestay is still available.

  • What does the student room type of a listing mean?

    Hosts on homadorma offer two different types of student rooms:

    • Upper/ground floor room
      • Ground floor room: the floor of a room is at the same level as the ground outside of the house
      • Upper floor room: on a level above the ground floor room
    • Basement room: floor of the room is either completely or partially below the ground floor

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