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Homadorma ID verification badge
Homadorma ID verification badge
  • What is Homadorma ID verification badge?

    The homestay is granted ID verification badge, when the name and the address on the ID of the host match the homestay profile on Homadorma.

    ID Verification Badge

    id verification badge

  • Why should I get ID Verification Badge?

    Consider the following benefits of getting the ID Verification Badge:

    1. Send unlimited number of messages to potential students.
    2. Upload photos to your homestay profile
    3. Convince the students that you are a legitimate host by displaying the badge in the public view of you homestay.

  • How do I get ID Verification Badge?

    Please take the following steps:

    1. Log on to homadorma as a host
    2. Navigate to Why ID Verification
    3. Follow instruction on the page

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