Homadorma Trial Week

  • What is the Trial Week?

    At Homadorma, we provide a 7-day trial week for student and host to mingle, to see if they are fit for each other. The first week of stay is the trial week.

    In the rare case of misfit, we will help the students in finding new homestay placement.

    The homestay fee is prorated based on the number of nights the student spends in your homestay.

  • As a host, how can I terminate the agreement in the trial week?

    To terminate the agreement in the trial week:

    1. Complete the booking at homadorma.com
    2. Provide the student a written termination notice including a check-out date
    3. Make sure the check-out date is more than 7 days from the date of notice

  • What should I do in the first week (trial week) that the student stays with me?

    Confirm with the student that they are happy and can use the bus or train to their education provider, local shopping centre and your nearest city. Ask if they have made some friends and generally enquire as to their wellbeing. It is good practice to do this for the first two or three weeks.

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