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Common booking questions
Common booking questions
  • How can I book a homestay with no meal plan?

    At Homadorma, many hosts are willing to offer students meal plans.. We understand that some students may have their own preference of food and meal time. So when booking, you may choose whether you need a meal plan or not.

    Here’s how to book a homestay with no meal plan:

    1. Go to any homestay’s profile page;
    2. Click CONTACT HOST
    3. At Select Meal Plan part, select No Meal
    4. Complete other required fields
    5. Click SEND
  • What is the Homadorma termination & refund policy?

    Please find our termination & refund policy at Termination & Refund.

  • Can I book on behalf of a friend or family member?

    Transparency and trust are foundational to the Homadorma experience. Individuals depend on the accuracy of information provided in Homadorma profiles and verifications when making decisions about hosting or staying with someone.

    It is a requirement that bookings for personal stays in Homadorma homestays be made by the individual who will be staying at the homestay.

    Instead of making a booking on behalf of someone else, we encourage you to refer them to Homadorma directly.

    For bookings involving minor students, parents or legal guardians will be required to sign on behalf of the students.

  • Can students sign rental contract with hosts outside of homadorma website?

    Signing a rental contract with the host outside of homadorma means that the student is renting the property directly from the host, without homadorma's involvement. Such action voids any pre-existing agreement between the host and the student formed on homadorma. In order to protect the best interests of all parties, we do not recommend our students to do so.

  • I'm a student, can my parents or friends stay with me at a host's place?

    You will need to ask your host if they are happy for you to have family or friends to stay in their home.

  • How does it work when Homadorma asks for an ID?

    At Homadorma, we’re always working on making our community as secure as possible for everyone. That’s why, before booking or visiting a homestay, all students must provide a valid ID.

    Types of ID
    Valid ID includes one of the followings:

    • Passport
    • Student Permit/Visa
    • Work Permit/Visa
    • Temporary resident / visitor visa
    • Driver’s licence

    If you add a driver’s license, you’ll be asked for two photos: one of the front and one of the back.

    If you add a passport, make sure the photo includes the numbers located at the bottom of the page with your picture.

    What gets shared with your host
    If you’re asked for a valid ID, the following may be shared with your host:

    • The first name on your ID
    • Whether your ID has been successfully reviewed
    • The photo of your ID after the homestay booking is confirmed

  • Why can I no longer find a previously completed homestay booking?

    We keep booking information on our website for up to 2 years. You may log on to homadorma to view your past 2 years booking information at any time.

    Booking information from 2-5 years ago can be retrieved by system backup recovery. A processing fee of $50 may apply.

    Booking information from more than 5 years ago cannot be retrieved.

  • Why do some homestays not have any verified photos?

    Homestays that have not yet passed the property verification cannot upload any high resolution photos. Please remind the host to complete the Homadorma property verification as soon as possible.

  • Are homadorma hosts owners of their properties?

    It's important to note that not all Homadorma hosts are property owners; some are tenants themselves. Our platform verifies the host's identification but does not confirm property ownership. Instead, we ensure that the host's ID matches the address of the property they are renting out to students.

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