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  • What factors determine how my listing appears in search results?

    Many factors could affect the ranking of your listings. We are always improving our algorithm in order to present the most relevant homestays to the students in the shortest amount of time. As a result, it is difficult to rank the factors by the levels of the importance.

    In general, here is are the basic categories of factors:

    • Homadorma Badges

      We encourage students to book reliable and safe homestays on Homadorma. Homadorma Badges represent how reliable you and your homestay are.

    • Student school location

      Search ranking attempts to show listings close to schools that students attend. We find that our students prefer to stay close to their schools.

    • Search Filters

      Students may have different preferences while searching their homes. Our search results varies based on the following preference options:

      • Price Range
      • Move-in Date
      • Room Type
      • Meal Plan
      • Pet Preference
      • Photo Viewing Preference

    • Host activity

      We prefer to show hosts who are actively looking for renters to our students when they come to

      For examples, we may consider whether the host logged in recently, whether the host responded to the booking request of the student on time, and whether the host followed the regulations on homadorma.

    • Selectivity of the host

      We respect and understand that every host has different preference when selecting an ideal student. Your listing may not appear to certain students not meeting your preference.

      For example, we may consider whether the host has a gender preference, age preference, etc.

    • We’re constantly updating our system to achieve the best results for hosts and students on the platform, so these factors can be adjusted and tested.

  • How can I take great photos of my homestay?

    A picture is worth a thousand words! Quality photos will definitely help you attract more students interested.

    Here are some tips for taking quality photos:

    • Set the scene. Before taking photos, clean up and remove clutter to make your homestay look spacious and inviting.
    • Add a variety of photos. To help students understand what it’s like to stay in your homestay, take photos of the inside (student rooms, living room, washrooms, basement rooms, etc.), outside (without showing your house number), and neighbourhood of your homestay.
    • Take your photos in landscape format. Photos in search results are all displayed in landscape, so vertical photos won’t showcase your space as well.

    Note: Homadorma also offering free professional photo shoot in some cities. You can always book for a photographer to help you showcase your homestay. To learn more, visit: Make Your Listing Stand Out

  • What does a good listing profile look like?

    Your profile is the only way for students to learn about you before they send booking requests. The more complete your profile is, the more requests you're likely to receive.

    Here's your host profile makeover checklist:

    Family Information

    Provide the following information of ALL family members living at the homestay. This helps the students have a better idea of your family.

    • Name
    • Relationship with host
    • Gender
    • Year of birth
    • Continent of Birth
    • Occupation Category

    Room & Availability

    • Select the number of Total Student Rooms on ground and upper floor and/or in basement level. Note: the number of Total Student Rooms include the occupied and unoccupied rooms
    • Select the number of Washroom Sharing
    • Select an available date of your ground & upper level student room
    • Select an available date of your basement student room (if applicable)
    • Make sure to keep your student rooms availability up to date

    Price & Meals Plans

    • Update your meal plan and monthly fee if you would like to provide different fees of with meal plan and without meal plan options
    • If you selected with meal plan option, describe what is usually for breakfast, lunch and dinner. State what style of food that you will provide to the students, like North American food, Asian food etc. You can also name some food that you usually cook at home

    Homestay Photos

    Help the student have an idea of what your homestay look like. It helps students feel that your homestay is reliable, authentic, and committed to the spirit of Homadorma. You can upload some photos of your Student Room, Washroom, Living Room, etc.

    Not good at photo shooting? No problem, we've got you covered! Homadorma offer FREE professional photo shooting. Just book a Staff Interview, and make sure your rooms are ready for photo shoot. After the Staff Interview, you will also get a Staff Visit badge.

    Book a Staff Interview

    Homestay Features

    Other than the general information you provided at the application, you may have something to say to your potential students. We encourage you to fill out the Self Introduction and Regulations in your profile.

    Badges to Earn

    Homadorma Badges help you to rank higher at the search result pages and make your listing(s) look more inviting and trustworthy. Make sure to visit the Badges to Earn page and check out what badges are available for you to earn.

    Ready to give your profile a makeover? Check out how to edit your profile at: How do I update my homestay profile?

  • Can I upload my own photos to Homadorma?

    Sure! We encourage you to upload some photos of your homestay.

    To upload your photos:

    1. Go to Homestay Services
    2. Click Edit on the property that you’d like to upload your photos
    3. A new window or tab will open for you to edit your specific profile
    4. Click on the Homestay Photos option at the menu section
    5. Under SELF UPLOADS tab, click the Upload Photo button
    6. Select the photos that you’d like to upload to your profile from your device and upload them

    It may take up to 48 hours for the uploaded photos to be visible on Homadorma.

  • How can I remove the self uploaded photo(s)?

    You can remove any self uploaded photos. Here’s how:

    1. Go to Homestay Services
    2. Click Edit on the property that you’d like edit
    3. A new window or tab will open for you to edit your specific profile
    4. Click on the Homestay Photos option at the menu section
    5. Under SELF UPLOADS tab, Click Delete below each photo to remove

  • How to set cover photo for my property?

    You can set one of the Staff Interview Photos as your cover photo. The cover photo is the preview of your homestay listing on the search result page. Once the cover photo is set, it will be the first photo shown on the public view page of your listing.

    Here’s how to set your cover photo:

    1. Go to Homestay Services
    2. Click Edit on the property that you’d like edit
    3. A new window or tab will open for you to edit your specific profile
    4. Click on the Homestay Photos option at the menu section
    5. Click the STAFF INTERVIEW PHOTOS tab, click on the photo you would like to be displayed on search page to make it your homestay's cover photo

    You can not set the self uploaded photos as your cover photo.

  • Why is there always a bell-shaped thing popping up?

    You may get a belled shape pops up all the time like the image below. It means that you have some profile information missing. You can make it disappear by quickly updating your profile.

    Here's how:

    1. Follow the instruction on the image
    2. Click Edit Profile button
    3. Update the information required
    4. Click Save Changes

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