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Manage the student accounts
Manage the student accounts
  • What can I manage on behalf of my students?

    As an agent, you can use all the features of the student account and do everything on behalf of your student. Here are some great features:

    • Search and filter homestays based on your student’s profile
    • Send booking requests to the hosts on behalf of your students
    • Send messages to the hosts on behalf of your students
    • Book a homestay tour to visit the homestays physically on behalf of your students
    • Book a homestay directly for your students

  • Where can I find my student accounts?

    You may find all of the created student accounts at My Students page. You can also add new students on the page by following the instructions at: How do I create a student account?

  • How to manage each student account?

    To manage the student accounts:

    • Login and go to My Students page
    • Find the student’s name and ID number that you’d like to take control of
    • Click Enter Student Account
    • You will land on the student’s Booking Status page. A message will appear on the top of the pages as "You are controlling the account of…". That means you are doing everything on behalf of the student.

  • I previously registered a student account independently with no connection to my agency account. How do I connect the previously registered student account with my agency account?

    To connect an independent student account with your agency account, you will need to ask for your student’s authority.

    1. Ask your student to contact the student support team at and provide your registered agency account email address
    2. In the email, the student needs to confirm that he/she agrees to let you to control the account
    3. After our student support team receive the student’s email, we will manually link the accounts

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