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  • How is my privacy protected?

    Homadorma is governed by Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act to protect your privacy.

    The following personal information is not released to anyone other than the student living with your family and their parents and custodian, the placement staff and the database administration staff:

    • Your name, address, or telephone number
    • Your race, national or ethnic origin
    • Your age, marital status or family status
    • Your educational, criminal or employment status or history

    The following information with no connection to your personal information may be available on our website:

    • The availability of student rooms in your household
    • Monthly cost
    • Washroom sharing situation of student rooms
    • Family composition
    • Your age group (such as 40-50, 30-40, etc.)
    • The industry of your work
    • Household pictures
    • Pets

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