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Deciding to host
Deciding to host
  • What is Homestay?

    Homestay is a cultural exchange between a local individual or family (called a host) and a visiting student. The student lives as a guest in your home.

    As a host you would generally be required to provide the student with all their basic needs, including their own room and space to study. Although meals are not mandatory, most students would select a homestay with meals supplied. Over the period of their time together the host assists the student to become familiar with the local area and customs in a relaxed and friendly household setting. The student is also encouraged to share with the host information about their home country and culture. This interaction is what makes homestay ideal for students and hosts looking for a unique cultural experience.

  • How do I apply as a host?

    Apply here: Become a Host

    Once you have registered, an email will be sent to your registered email address within 1 business day. You will need to click the link in the email to verify the email address. This way we are able to let you know by email when there is a new student interested in your homestay.

    Log on to with your email and password. Fill in the application form step by step. Note we will ask you to provide personal information, such as name and year of birth of the family members living at the homestay. After the application form is submitted, your homestay profile is live at

    You'll notice a bell-shaped reminder from the bottom right of the screen. Follow the reminder to get a complete and compelling homestay profile on Getting a complete profile help generate more traffic to your homestay page. It then leads to more bookings down the road.

    Need a step by step tutorial? Check out: How to Create an account on Homadorma.

  • What's the homestay market price?

    At Homadorma, we believe every homestay family is different. Setting the same rate for everyone is not a true reflection of the difference among homestays. Instead, you have the rights to set the price. The price could also be updated. A general rule of thumb is to stay competitive in the marketplace.

    Check the homestays in popular cities for reference:

    For prices in other cities, please feel free to search by city name on Homadorma

  • What do I have to offer students?

    • Provide a separate bedroom for each student in an area, which meets all safety and privacy considerations. This will include:
      • A comfortable bed and bedding
      • Access to a mirror
      • Access to a bathroom
      • A desk
      • A lamp
      • Closet
    • Allow the student full use of the household including telephone, television, and living areas, as well as help the student understand appropriate use or time of use;
    • Provide wireless high-speed internet access, either in the student's bedroom, or in an area of the home suitable for study;
    • Provide laundry facilities:
      • Washer
      • Dryer
    • Cleaning supplies for the student to keep their private living space clean;
    • Invite the student to join family activities whenever possible, and help the student to feel at ease in their home;
    • Assist the student's adjustment to Canada and the United States and encourage the student to learn about the local culture, lifestyle, activities, and family life;
    • Orient the student to the city, to their neighbourhood, buses, and banks;
    • Respect the rights, privacy, and culture of the student including religious and political beliefs;
    • For minors:
      • Inform the custodian or parents of the student, when the student request to stay overnight at a place different from the Homestay family;
      • Set curfew time for the student. Homestay families determine the curfew, and may consult the custodian of yours to determine the appropriate curfew time.

  • How long do I have to host a student for?

    This is up to you and the student you host. Either side has the option to terminate in trial week, or after trial week.

    • Trial week. The first week is what we call a "trial week". The host and the student get to know each other, adjust to the everyday life of each other, and try to find a fit. During this week, either side may terminate the homestay agreement. In order to terminate the agreement in the trial week, the host must:
      • Complete booking at
      • Provide the renter a written termination notice including a check-out date
      • Make sure the check-out date is more than 7 days from the date of notice.
    • After trial week. A general rule of thumb is 30-day notice. For more information, please check the "termination" clause in the contract at: Sample Contract

  • How close do I have to be to a school?

    A thirty-minute journey as an example. Often you may find you actually live closer when you include not just schools and universities, but also private education providers.

  • Do you request students to submit background checks?

    We do not require students to submit background checks when registering on homadorma for the following reasons:

    • Homadorma works with third party background check agencies to obtain background checks for Canadian and American residents. Since international students do not live in Canada or the United States, their criminal background in Canada and the United States is more than likely clean. There is little point to obtain a Canadian or American background check for international students.
    • International students may obtain background checks from their home countries. Unfortunately Homadorma is not able to verify the authenticity of foreign criminal background checks.

    Homestay hosts may feel free to require a criminal background check directly from the students as one of the requirement to book the homestay on homadorma if necessary.

  • What support do I get from Homadorma?

    Homadorma email support is available Monday to Friday during business hours. We always reply our hosts' inquiries within 1 business day. You may find our host support email at: Contact Us

    Our knowledge centre is always available! Feel free to find articles here relevant to your interests.

  • What is your refund policy?
  • What are my responsibilities in helping students with COVID-19 quarantine?

    Visitors arriving in Canada and United States are required to complete a period of quarantine, unless otherwise considered exempt by the government. As a host, here are your responsibilities.

    • Stay up to date with the government COVID-19 quarantine requirements for travellers. Depending on where you live, you may wish to check the requirements in Canada or United States
    • Discuss with the student about his/her quarantine plan which needs to meet the government requirements and obtains your approval.

    While some hosts may offer quarantine services privately, we are not able to verify whether the homestay meets the requirements of the government regulation. The homestay booking completed on homadorma does not include quarantine services provided by the host.

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