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Booking procedure
Booking procedure
  • How does Homadorma booking works?

    Booking a homestay family on Homadorma is made simple. Start by making connections with hosts you are interested in and check the status on My Booking page.

    • Contact Host
      • When you spot a homestay you like, Click CONTACT HOST to start the booking process
    • Successfully requested
      • Meaning: You successfully sent a booking request to a homestay host. After sending the booking request, the host receives a notification immediately
      • What's next? Go to My Message page and communicate with hosts. Introduce yourself, or asks questions. Host will check your profile and decide either invite you or reject you
    • Host invites you to move-in
      • Meaning: After checking your profile, host sent you an invitation with the available room type and move-in date
      • What's next? You can book your homestay now! Click BOOK button to book. If you'd like to make a visit in person or ask your friend see the homestay, you can also click Visit button to arrange a Homestay Tour before booking
    • Touring in progress
      • Meaning: You've booked your Homestay Tour. You may visit the homestay(s) you are interested in
      • What's next? Schedule a meet up time with host(s) and learn more about each other. Make sure you complete the visit(s) within 90 days and submit all the ratings after the visit
    • Booking payment received
      • Meaning: Your payment has been received by Homadorma.
      • What's next? Wait for the host to confirm. Let the host know you've made your payment on My Message page
    • Booking confirmed
      • Meaning: Your booking is confirmed by host. You can click Contract button to review the complete contract
      • What's next? Review the contract and make sure the booking information is all correct. If you see any incorrect information, please let our student support know immediately. You may also use the contract for your visa or school application purpose. Please also share your arrival information (such as flight number, arrival time, your luggages etc.) with the host
    • Sorry, room is full
      • Meaning: Host can not accommodate you because there is no student room available based on your request
      • What's next? You can click the X button to delete this host and look for other homestays
    • Sorry, I can't host you
      • Meaning: Host can not accommodate you because of some personal reason
      • What to do? You can click the X button to delete this host and look for other homestays
    • Booking request expired
      • Meaning: When a host invites you, you have 5 days to book the homestay or the Homestay Tour before the booking request expires.
      • What's next? If you are really interested in a host and won't be able to book the homestay within 5 days, you may let the host know your plan on My Message page before it expires
        Don't panic if your booking request expires. You can click RECONNECT button to reactive the booking request
    Learn about the booking procedure

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