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Homadorma trial week
Homadorma trial week
  • What is the Trial Week?

    The first week of the student staying at the homestay is the trial week. Should the student felt a must to change homestay family, the student may terminate the agreement within the 1st week. The student needs to look for a new suitable homestay and inform the current homestay family. The homestay family could terminate the stay within trial week in the same way. The homestay family receives homestay family income prorated based on the number of days the student spends in the household.

  • I found something is missing or not as expected in the trial week

    Communicate with your host: If you notice that something is missing, not working, or otherwise not what you expected when you move in, communicate with your host. Giving them the chance to fix an issue is the fastest way to make sure you get what you need, and can continue on with your booking as planned. If things still can not work out, you can terminate the agreement in the trial week.

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