Message Regulations

  • What is homadorma's regulation on My Message page?

    As a general rule of thumb, homadorma does not allow users to communicate with the other party outside of our website without permission. It is difficult to set an exact boundary of what to do and what not to. As a result, we expect both parties to respect our requirements when sending messages. For example, we do not allow hosts or students to share phone number, social media, email, address etc. in message without permission, as it will result in both parties communicate outside of homadorma.

    If the student would like visit the homestay before booking, we encourage the student to consider Homestay Tour.

    Homadorma has implemented automated and manual mechanism to detect messages that violate our regulation. Users who attempt to bypass homadorma repeatedly may risk getting fined and account suspended.

  • Can I send messages to potential students?

    Yes. You can send messages to students who have booking status with you.
    To send messages:

    • Go to My Message
    • You will see a contact list that contains a list of students who have active booking status with you
    • You may click on any student to start a conversation

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