Meet The Host

Always good to see before you buy! We are here to help if you, or your friend, would like to meet the host in person

How much is the cost?

It could be completely free! Your visit experience is important for other students to know the quality of the homestay. We may share it with other students without disclosing your personal information

How do I set up a host meeting?

  1. Please discuss with host a mutually acceptable time to visit via My Message
  2. The host must click "invite" so that you could have the option to "visit" at
  3. The visit temporary charge is $49.99
  4. Homadorma sends host contact info to you

How do I get the visit fee refunded.

$25 is refundable when you complete a survey to share your experience with us within 1 week of the visit. The rest $24.99 is refundable when you book any homestay on within 30 days of the visit


  1. Any homestay booking made outside of homadorma is not valid or honoured, and may result in account closure without any refund..
  2. No refund in other circumstances