Homadorma Custodian Badge

  • What are the requirements to earn the Homadorma Custodian badge?

    • Immigration status must be: Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
    • Your home address is up-to-date and matches your ID address
    • Pass the Homadorma Custodian Test and Communication Interview

  • How to earn custodian badge?

    • Prepare for the test
    • You will learn everything about custodianship services at the custodianship help centre for you to pass the test. Study ALL the content in Custodianship. Once you are ready, you can start the test on the Assessment page.

    • Attend the Knowledge Test
    • After you finish the test, we will calculate your score and send the result to your Homadorma email in the following week. If you fail the test, you can always come back and retake it. If you do the test several times a week, we will only record your last test score within that week.

    • Send Required Documents
    • We will inform you via your Homadorma email address once you pass the test. Then, you will need to send us one of the following documents:

      1. PR card, or
      2. Canadian passport copy (legal name and photo page), or
      3. Canadian citizen certification

      Of course, agree to the terms and payments.

    • Pass the Interview
    • After you finish all steps above, we will schedule an interview with you to test your communication skills.

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