Hosting Policies

  • What are the building standards?

    Before hosting, you need to make sure your space meets or exceeds national and local building code requirements. Below are some

  • Is homestay hosting legal?

    Homestay rental practices have been gaining popularity as the population of international student grows. Although there is no specific laws regarding long-term homestay booking, it is generally considered a type of legitimate rental practices that is governed by the Landlord and Tenant Act where the homestay premise resides. However, specific rules and regulations may be applied by your local government.

    What’s important to note is the legitimacy of short-term rental. When a tenant rents a place for less than a month, there may be certain governmental criteria that the landlord needs to meet in order to legitimately host short term tenant. Please contact your local government for more information if you are interested in hosting short-term (less than one month) tenants.

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