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Payment and fees
Payment and fees
  • What is Custodian Placement Fee?

    Service fee that covers the cost of 4-month custodian replacement.

  • What is the security deposit?

    Students pay custodian placement fee and security deposit on to book a custodian. Security deposit is equivalent to the monthly fee of the custodianship. The purpose of the security deposit is to compensate the custodian in case the student cancels the custodianship before school starts. The amount of compensation is subject to the termination clause of the contract.

  • Where does security deposit go after booking is made?

    Security deposit is paid to Homadorma at booking. In case of a cancellation before the school starts, Homadorma is therefore able to allocate the fund according to Termination and Refund.

    Security deposit is transferred to the custodian on the first day of school. It is the responsibility of the student and the custodian to reach an agreement of how to use the security deposit. Most of the custodians keep the security deposit in their bank account and use it to cover the custodian service fee of the last month.

  • When do I pay the custodian service fee to my custodian?

    Ongoing custodian service fee payment schedule is negotiated by you and your custodian. Custodian service fee is paid directly by you to your custodian. Homadorma does not set the payment schedule.

  • What methods of payments does Homadorma support?

    Homadorma supports various payment methods. Payment options may include: Visa, Master, AMEX, Alipay, Wechat Pay, Interac E-transfer and Bank Transfer.

    Offline or cash booking are a violation of our Terms & Conditions, and can result in removal from Homadorma. We prohibit off-site booking payments because paying outside of Homadorma makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at a greater risk of fraud and other security issues.

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