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Stay guarantee
Stay guarantee
  • What is Stay Guarantee?

    Stay Guarantee functions as an insurance that protects students from what-if situations.

    If the homestay you booked turned out not to be the ideal homestay for you, we can assist you replacing it with a new homestay free of charge if you are covered by Stay Guarantee.

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  • I am staying with a homestay with active stay guarantee. How do I change homestay?

    Changing your homestay within the stay guarantee period involves booking a new homestay, and terminating your current homestay contract. Here is how:

    1. Begin by initiating a request to book new homestays on Homadorma. In compliance with our termination and refund policy, it's important to provide your current homestay with at least 30 days' termination notice to avoid any unnecessary homestay fee charges. To allow sufficient time to get to know potential new homestay families, we recommend setting the new move-in date to be at least 45 days from today.
    2. When you receive an invitation from a homestay that you are satisfied with, please proceed by following the instructions on the Booking Status page to make the required payment for booking the new homestay. It's worth noting that, similar to your initial booking of your current homestay on Homadorma, you will be required to pay the security deposit.
    3. Once the new host confirms your booking, you can then proceed to terminate the contract with your current homestay. This can be done by navigating to the Booking Status page and clicking on the "Terminate booking" link.
    4. Follow the instructions provided on the page to successfully terminate your homestay booking.
    5. For a detailed breakdown of the allocation of your security deposit, you can refer to the System Announcement page after terminating your homestay booking.

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