Homadorma Management

  • What is Homadorma management?

    Homadorma Management is a management method to provide students a worry-free experience during the stay in the homestay. You may need to consider to purchase Homadorma Management at booking if you need help with the following situation:

    • Reliable and efficient communication - We are working every moment to improve your homestay experience. Not sure what would be the best way to communicate with hosts? Just let us know! With Homadorma management, language barrier and cultural difference will no longer pose as issues;
    • Unlimited homestay replacements - In case the current homestay does not work out, book a new homestay on homadorma.com for free.
    • Payment management - Homadorma sets payment schedule to ensure clear understanding of payment amount of time by the student and the host. Homadorma could provide you with the homestay fee receipt upon request.
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