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  • My student said on the profile that they do not smoke, but I can smell it.

    Students do not always admit to smoking because they know that in Canada and the United States it is not always acceptable. Show your student a place outside that is away from the home where they may smoke and give them a container for cigarette butts. Explain that it is their responsibility to keep the area clean and tidy. Explain they may not smoke in the home.

  • If I take my student out do I have to pay for them?

    If you want to take your student out, explain where you are going and how much it will cost. Your student then has the opportunity to decide whether or not to go with you. Do not expect your student to pay for other members of the family.

  • Is it ok for me to go in to my student’s room when they are not there?

    Privacy is important. The student’s room should be private to them during their stay with you. If you plan to clean the room then let the student know when you will do this.

  • What should I do if my student is up nearly all night and disturbing the rest of the household?

    Students from some countries sleep when they arrive home from school and speak to their friends on their mobiles during the night. Explain to your Student that they must be quiet and not disturb other people. If the behaviour continues you may have to give them a time (say 9pm) when they must not make further calls.

  • What should I do when my student says they are cold/hot?

    Most of the city Bylaw issue requirements for indoor temperatures. For example, the Toronto Bylaw requires the host to be responsible for providing heat to a residential dwelling so that a minimum air temperature of 21 degrees celsius is maintained from 15th day of September to 1st day of June. If Air conditioning is provided, it should go on from June 2nd to September 14th to maintain an indoor temperature of not more than 26 degrees celsius. For more information, please check local bylaw enforcement.

  • What should you do if the student’s parents wish to stay?

    This is your own decision. Be prepared for the fact that the parents may not speak any English. It is ok to say ‘no’ and ask that they stay in a motel nearby. You can then make arrangements to meet them or invite them to your home. If you agree to them staying and you plan to charge them make it clear to the student how much this will be and what it will cover. Make the family welcome and ask your student to translate for you.

  • My student asked if they may bring a girl/boy friend home to stay the night, what should I do?

    It is your home. Explain to your student if this is not acceptable in your home.

  • What happens in school break when the student is not here, but the student still would like to keep the room?

    Many students have plans to travel to their home country during school breaks. It could be summer, Christmas, or other time of the year. During this period, the students still would like to keep the room so that they could continue living here upon returning from vacation.

    It's always important for the student to give the host 30-day notice before the travel plan is set. The student could request the host to quote a "vacation rate". Upon receiving the new quote, the student may accept or reject it. When the vacation rate is rejected, the termination policy applies. The student may then move out at the end of the term, and find a new homestay before returning to the country.

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