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Staying help
  • How can I be a considerate guest?

    Staying abroad with Homadorma provides an opportunity to stay in local homestays and connect with multicultural roommates. We hope you find that being in a different country can still have the sense of belonging no matter how far you study from home.

    Here are a few tips to help enhance your experience with your homestay family and roommates.

    Before you book

    • Chat with hosts and share your needs and interests. Hosts prefer to know who's asking to stay with them, and as a result you may have a better chance of your requests being invited;
    • Spend some time reviewing the host profile to make sure the homestay is a good match for you. Each homestay on Homadorma is a unique place and family experience. Make sure the family members, house regulations, and meals match your needs;
    • Feel free to contact a host with any questions.

    Before Move-in

    • Communicate clearly with your host about any expectations or special needs you may have;
    • Always let your host know if you're likely to arrive late for move-in.

    During your stay

    • Honor your commitments (including arrival time) and any house regulations;
    • Enjoy your host's home as if you were staying with friends. Be respectful of host family members and your roommates;
    • Explore the neighbourhood. It's a great way to feel more like a local. Try asking your host about the bus stops, libraries, or their favourite neighbourhood spots;
    • Always inform your host if you will not be home for any meals;
    • Get your host's permission before having friends over;
    • When in doubt, reach out to your host with any questions or problems that arise.


    After a period of stay, you will be asked to write a review of your experience. Always leave an honest review for your host to help enhance your future experience as well as guide future students.

  • Can I put pictures and posters on the wall in my bedroom?

    You will need to ask your host if this is okay. If your host is okay with you personalising your room please make sure that nothing is permanently fixed. Only use temporary adhesives.

  • Are there rooms in my homestay that I am not able to enter into?

    You have access to your own room and the common area in the homestay, like shared bathroom or living room. Please make sure to follow the hosts' house regulations and instructions.

  • Do I need to inform my host if I am leaving the home?

    It is polite to inform your host that you will be heading outside, and when you intend to return. You need to inform your host if you will not be home for any meals, and if you intend on staying out overnight.

  • Can I invite friends into my homestay?

    You will need to ask your host if they are happy for you to have friends in their home. Some hosts are okay with you having friends over, as long as you inform then with ample notice. Others will ask that you do not have friends over, and meet them outside away from the home.

  • If I lose my key what should I do?

    You will need to inform your host as soon as you realise your key is missing. You may need to cover any costs associated with losing the key.

  • What happens in school break when the student is on vacation, but the student still would like to keep the room?

    Many students have plans to travel to their home country during school breaks. It could be summer, Christmas, or other time of the year. During this period, the students still would like to keep the room so that they could continue living here upon returning from vacation.

    It's always important for the student to give the host 30-day notice before the travel plan is set. The student could request the host to quote a "vacation rate". Upon receiving the new quote, the student may accept or reject it. When the vacation rate is rejected, the termination policy applies. The student may then move out at the end of the term, and find a new homestay before returning to the country.

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