Homadorma Background Check Badge

  • What is Homadorma Background Check Badge?

    Homestays that have completed background check procedure with law enforcement department will be awarded a Background Check Badge.

    There are 3 different Background Check Badges, depending on how recent the check was completed:

    Completed less than 2 years ago

    Completed between 2-5 years ago

    Completed more than 5 years ago

    Who needs to conduct a background check in hosts' family?
    Checks on the host and the spouse (if applicable) are sufficient for Homadorma.

  • Why book a homestay with a Background Check Badge?

    Homestay means that you are sharing the house with someone under the same roof. For your safety, it is important to know that the person you are sharing the roof with has no criminal background.

    Homadorma encourages hosts to conduct criminal background checks. Hosts who are able to do so are awarded background check badges on their profiles.

  • Can I book a homestay with no Background Check Badge?

    Yes, you can book a homestay with no Background Check Badge. However, homestays without the badge are not qualified by homadorma standards. If you see a host with no Background Check Badge, we suggest you ask the host to get the Badge before your booking.

  • What is the standard of Background Check Badge?

    The regulation of how the criminal background checks could be conducted varies by province and municipality in Canada. As a non-governmental organization, Homadorma does not have direct access to such records without the consent of the subject. In order to build a secure homestay environment for students, Homadorma invites hosts to conduct criminal background checks at mybackcheck.com, or submit a previously completed background check from the police. Each method has its own benefits and limitations.

    Our recommended method is mybackcheck.com. Hosts need to go through online ID check including various questions about credit history to verify the identity. A criminal background report will then be accessible by Homadorma online. We prefer this method because it is fast and reliable.

    Some hosts may have completed the background checks from other channels. Hosts may upload the documents to homadorma.com as it does not incur additional cost. Our security officer checks files uploaded on a weekly basis. In order to verify the authenticity of the document, our security officers need to check the seal, the signature, and may contact local police to inquire directly. The result, however, is less reliable compared to going through the system at mybackcheck.com.

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