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Booking requests
Booking requests
  • How do I send a booking request?

    If you’re interested in a homestay or need to ask hosts questions on Homadorma, you can send a request to the host to make connection.

    To send a booking request:

    1. On a homestay information page, click CONTACT HOST
    2. Choose Floor (Upstair/Ground or Basement)
    3. Select Meal plan (With Meal(s) or No Meal)
    4. Select your Move In Date
    5. Click SEND

    After sending your booking request, hosts will receive notifications on Homadorma and their email inbox. Hosts have options to either invite or reject your request. You can also chat with hosts while waiting. The booking process involves mutual selection between you and the host. We highly recommend you contact as many hosts as possible to increase the chances of a successful booking.

  • How do I book a student room on Homadorma?

    You’ve spotted some amazing homestays, now it’s time to make it official. You’ll see a button on host profile page that says CONTACT HOST. Click the button to let the hosts know that you are interested.

    Once requests sent, hosts been notified and review your profile and date of move-in. Hosts are interested in hosting you, will send you booking invitation. Then you can pay for your booking by clicking BOOK button. Hosts need to confirm your booking, and your booking is completed.

  • How do I check the status of my booking?

    If you just recently clicked the CONTACT HOST button on Homadorma, you can go to My Booking page to check all your booking status.

    When a host react to your request, you'll receive an email notification from Homadorma. Your booking request status will also change on My Booking page.

  • How is the price determined for my booking?

    The total price of a booking on Homadorma is based on a few factors.

  • How long do I have to wait until the host responds to my booking request?

    In most cases, hosts respond to your request within 1-2 days.

  • Can I make changes to a booking request?

    You can make changes to a booking request when the status is Host invites you to move in or Successfully requested. Please click the Edit button of the homestay booking you'd like to make change to at the My Booking page. As per the setting by the host, you may change the bedroom, meal option and/or the move in date. After the booking request is changed, the host needs to confirm on his/her end that such changes are acceptable.

  • Can I delete a booking request?

    Yes, you can cancel a booking request after hosts response.

    To delete a booking request:

    1. Go to My Booking page
    2. Find the booking request with host ID number you want to delete
    3. Click the X button on the top right

    In case you delete a booking request by accident, you can always send a request again.

  • What should I do after receiving an invitation from a host?

    If you received an invitation from a host, it means the host is interested in hosting you. There are a few things you can do:

    • Chat with the host. You are about to live in a home with family members. Make sure you learn more about the host family, things like their hobbies, food, house rules
    • Tour the homestay. If you or your friends are able to visit the homestay physically or by video, you can click Visit button at Booking Status page to book a visit
    • Book the room. Once you decide to live in a homestay, you can click BOOK button at My Booking page to book your room

  • I have paid to book a homestay, but the host does not confirm the booking. How do I cancel the booking?

    After paying to book a homestay, the student may cancel the homestay booking that has not been confirmed by the host. Homadorma will then turn the previously made payment into store credit. The student may then spend the store credit on the next homestay booking on homadorma. Here is how,

    1. Request to book other homestays on homadorma as backup options
    2. When you find a homestay inviting you to book, navigate to Booking Status
    3. Locate the homestay booking that you have paid for and click Cancel
    4. Follow instruction on the page to cancel the homestay booking before the homestay confirms
    5. Homadorma will send you store credit that is equivalent to the sum of the homestay placement, security deposit and stay guarantee fees that you have previously paid. You may then spend the store credit on your next booking on homadomra

    Note payment processing fee is not refundable. Payment processing fee charged by 3rd party is proportional to the total payment the student makes in a booking. By booking the next homestay with store credit, the student will be spending less in payment processing fee. So there is no additional payment processing fee incurred on the student's end.

    You can check complete terms in Termination and Refund.

  • How do I change the move-in date on the finalized contract?

    Sometimes you may find it's necessary to change the move-in date after the payment made and the contract finalized on homadorma. Maybe your flight is changed, your school start date gets delayed, or even you simply wants to arrive on a different date. To change the move-in date in a finalized contract, you need to obtain approval from the host. Here is how to do it

    1. Locate the finalized contract at Booking Status
    2. Click the Modify move-in date link. Select the new date, and click Send Request
    3. Tell the host that you'd like to move in on a different date through My Message. It's better to let the host know the reason of the change to improve your chance of getting approved
    4. When the host approves your move-in date change request, you'll see the date updated on the finalized contract located at Booking Status
    5. When the host rejects your move-in date change request or does not respond to your request within 3 days, you'll see the move-in date not changed on the finalized contract located at Booking Status. In this case, you still need to move in on the previously agreed date specified in the contract

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