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Earn the Staff Interview badge to access more host features

Why Staff Interview?

Earn Staff Interview Badge

Proof to students you meet the homestay criteria of Homadorma

Unlimited Messages

Send unlimited number of messages to students for free

Better Presentation & Ranking

Students find your homestay profile easily on top of the search page

Interview Features

Method Online video interview (via Zoom)
Price $0 *
Processing Time 2 weeks on average
Location Coverage All cities across Canada & US

* The free staff interview is only available in the first interview of each property.

Interview Process

Step 1: Profile update and photo submission

Step 2: ID verification
  • Host submits the identification copy
  • Homadorma staff verify the host’s legal name and address information on the ID

Step 3: Interview scheduling
  • Once the above steps are completed, the host will be contacted by one of the staff interviewers to schedule an online interview

Step 4: Interviewing
  • The host needs to attend the interview at all time
  • The host will be asked to turn on the camera of the mobile device at all time
  • The host will give the staff interviewer a home tour, including the home entrance and the space that accessible by students
  • The host needs to show the ID to the staff interview through the camera

Step 5: Rating and feedbacks
  • Staff interviewer will complete a survey that documents the interview. The comment will show up on your profile Public View page​

Cancellation policy

48-hour notice is mandatory if you can't make to the scheduled homestay staff interview appointment.

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