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Interview Schedule Homadorma staff set interview time Hosts set interview time *
Scheduling Wait Time 8 weeks on average 1-3 business days
Photos Low resolution download from website High resolution professional photos
Availability Only available in the 1st interview of the 1st property listing Always available
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* We will issue a refund of $45 if a desirable schedule cannot be set.

Checklist of Staff Interview

  • Staff interviewer will take photos of: Student room(s), Washroom(s) accessible by student(s), common area and backyard (if applicable)
    Tip: Make sure your home is ready to be photographed
  • Staff interviewer will check the official ID of the host
    Tip: Make sure your name on the ID matches the one stored on Homadorma. Navigate to your published listing, nativate to Family Information and verify the information provided.
  • Staff interviewer will verify your Public View page information on
    Tip: Make sure your profile is updated before the interview
  • Staff interviewer will complete a survey that documents the interview. The comment will show up on your profile Public View page
    Tip: Give the interviewer a good impression

Available Cities

Greater Toronto Area (GTA) | Metro Vancouver | Greater Montreal | Calgary | Edmonton | Winnipeg | Halifax/Dartmouth | Ottawa/Gatineau | Hamilton | St. Catharines | Welland | Niagara Falls | London | Guelph | Waterloo | Kitchener | Cambridge | Windsor | Victoria