ELVIE's Homestay
Homestay ID: HS106382

Language: English, Tagalog


Bedroom 1
  • Upstairs/Ground
  • Shared bathroom
  • Available from: May 01, 2023
Approximate 100 square feet

About ELVIE's family
Hosting in Scarborough since 2019

Hi, I’m Elvie and I have a daughter (27 y/o) and a son (26 y/o). You are very much welcome in our home and we try to give you the best home stay experience in Canada. Our house is only minutes walk to Centennial College - Morningside campus; 10 mins walk to University of Toronto- Scarborough campus and 28 minutes away via bus to Centennial College -Progress campus. Easy access to TTC; close to recreational centre (Pan-AM); Hospitals; shopping centre; parks and worship centre. We have unlimited high-speed internet; and our building have an indoor swimming pool, gym, and sauna bath that you can access anytime.

Female host
Age Range: 50-59
Continent of Birth: Asia
Occupation Category: Professional, scientific and technical services

Age Range: 20-29
Continent of Birth: Asia
Occupation Category: Health care and social assistance

Age Range: 20-29
Continent of Birth: Asia
Occupation Category: Accommodation and food services

0 Cat
0 Dog

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Host provides material, student prepares own breakfast
We offer bread, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, fruits, milk, tea, coffee and juice

Host prepares lunch for student
We offer sandwich, fruits, vegetables, pasta, meat

Host prepares dinner for student
We offer a hot meal for dinner. The dinner will vary throughout the week.


Student Room

Bed · Mirror · Desk · Lamp · Wardrobe


Water · Electricity · Heating · Wifi · TV · Washer Dryer


Host Preferences
  • Only accept students between 16-30 years old
  • No smoking inside the house

House rules
    House rules will be included in the contract after booking
     No pets allowed.
     No overnight guest.
     Liquor and drugs are prohibited.
     Need to tidy up and clean the bathroom and kitchen after using.
     Always keep your room tidy and clean. We will check your room occasionally to make sure it is clean.
     Student should be home not later than 12 midnight. Let us know if you will not be going home for the night.
     Laundry schedule will be Saturday and Sunday anytime.

    Termination Policy


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