Marta's Homestay
Homestay ID: HS105181

Language: English, Spanish
Female 18-40


Bedroom 1
CAD 650 / mhelp_outline
  • Upstairs/Ground
  • Shared bathroom
  • Available from: December 15, 2021
Approximate 100 square feet

About Marta's family
Montreal, joined since 2018

My name is Marta and I am 59 years old. I am originally from Guatemala but have lived in Montreal for a while now :) I am very easy-going and friendly. I live alone in the house but my 2 kids (ages 30 and 31) may come over some days for a meal. I may also have friends over for visits sometimes, but they are all very nice people. My house is in the corner of Sherbrooke street, very accessible to the main bus lines, 15 minutes from Vendome metro and 30-40 minutes away from downtown by bus/metro. The Concordia Loyola campus is 10-15 minutes away by bus and it's close to all the amenities (supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, banks, etc). The building is quiet, clean and well maintained. There is high-speed internet, a desk, a comfortable twin bed and plenty of storage space in the room.

Female host
Age Range: 60-69
Continent of Birth: South America
Occupation Category: Education services

0 Cat
0 Dog

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No breakfast provided

No lunch provided

No dinner provided


Student Room

Bed · Mirror · Desk · Lamp · Wardrobe


Water · Electricity · Heating · Wifi · TV · Washer Dryer


Host Preferences
  • Only accept female students
  • Only accept students between 18-40 years old
  • No smoking inside the house

House rules
    House rules will be included in the contract after booking
    No pets, no sleepovers (visits are ok), keep the noise to a respectable level, clean up after yourself (your room, dishes, bathroom, etc...) and overall, be polite and respectful with the host :)

    Termination Policy


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