Vivian's Homestay
Homestay ID: HS104031

Language: English


Bedroom 1
C$800 - C$1000 /monthhelp_outline
  • Upstairs/Ground
  • Independent washroom
  • Available from: December 01, 2020
Approximate 100 square feet

About Vivian's family
Scarborough, joined since 2018

My name is Vivian. I'm quiet, respectful, friendly, and understanding. I work as a nurse, and I'm a part time student. Room is currently unfurnished, but will be prior to move in with a twin size bed, reading table and 2 chairs, a mirror, and a wall clock. Student will have access to unlimited WiFi, light, water, heat, and air condition all inclusive in the rent. There's a mall, grocery store, shoppers drug mart, and a bus stop across the building with Centennial college morning side campus close by. A library is also located about 20 minutes walk away from the building.

Female host
Age Range: 40-49
Continent of Birth: Africa
Occupation Category: Health care and social assistance

0 Cat
0 Dog

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Host prepares breakfast for student
Oatmeal, Cereal

Host prepares lunch for student
Sandwich, fruits

Host provides material, student prepares own dinner
Pork chop, or baked chicken with fries and vegies.


Student Room

Bed · Mirror · Desk · Lamp · Wardrobe


Water · Electricity · Heating · Wifi · TV · Washer Dryer


Host Preferences
  • Only accept students between 22-40 years old
  • I don't accept smokers

House rules
    House rules will be included in the contract after booking
    I'm looking for someone that can maintain the rented environment clean at all times. I do not like dirty dishes left in the kitchen sink at anytime. Someone that is a non smoker. One that will not be making loud noises\loud music in his\her room. TWO COMMON AREAS ( Kitchen and Laundry room).

    Termination Policy


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