Jen's Homestay
Homestay ID: HS101078

Language: English
Female 13+


Bedroom 1
  • Upstairs/Ground
  • Shared bathroom
  • Available from: May 28, 2023
Approximate 100 square feet

About Jen's family
Hosting in Ottawa since 2017

I am a single mother, with a twenty year old daughter. We live a busy but quiet life. We are a short bus ride to Bell H.S, Algonquin College, Kanata high schools and about 30 mins to downtown, Glebe C.I, St. Paul's U, 45 mins bus/train to Carleton University and much. The room currently available has a single bed, sheets, pillows and towels are provided. There is a mini fridge for your personal use. The room also has a desk, dresser and closet. The room available is pictured with the aqua comforter.

Female host
Age Range: 40-49
Continent of Birth: North America
Occupation Category: Education services

Age Range: 20-29
Continent of Birth: North America
Occupation Category: Retired, student or unemployed

1 Cat
1 Dog

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Host provides material, student prepares own breakfast
Choices include cereal, hot oats, toast, fruit, yogurt, eggs, waffles, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and milk.

Host provides material, student prepares own lunch
Sandwiches, soup, pasta, veggies, yogurt, cookies.

Host prepares dinner for student
Chicken/pork/ beef with rice/ potatoes and vegetables. Pasta dishes, stews and casseroles. Vegetarians and cultural or religious dietary needs can be accommodated (ie Halal proteins).


Student Room

Bed · Mirror · Desk · Lamp · Wardrobe


Water · Electricity · Heating · Wifi · TV · Washer Dryer


Host Preferences
  • Only accept female students
  • Only accept student older than 13 years old
  • I don't accept smokers

House rules
    House rules will be included in the contract after booking
    Guests must keep in mind this is a townhouse, so keep music and noise reasonable so our neighbors aren't bothered. The kitchen is free to use at all times, except between 12am and 6am Sunday to Thursday night so as not to wake others.

    Termination Policy


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