Duksoon's Homestay
Homestay ID: HS100573

Language: English, Korean


Bedroom 1
C$750 - C$1100 /monthhelp_outline
  • Upstairs/Ground
  • Shared washroom
  • Available from: January 23, 2021
Approximate 100 square feet

Bedroom 2
C$1200 - C$1550 /monthhelp_outline
  • Upstairs/Ground
  • Shared washroom
  • Available from: January 23, 2021
Approximate 100 square feet

About Duksoon's family
Toronto, joined since 2017

G.L.C GREAT LAKE COLLEGE IS 7 MIN AWAY ON FOOT THE SCHOOL IS ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE ROAD ON KEELE large spacious room on main floor. bus stop is at the door. large asian shopping mall across the house /GOOGLE : STOCKYARDS NATIONS FOODS lBLOOR COLLEGIATE IS 2OMIN AWAY.. BUS STOPS AT THE DOOR .McDonald International Academy IS 30 MIN AWAY ! Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Catholic SCHOOL IS 15MIN AWAY TAIE International Institute TAIE International Institute is 39 mins away bus stops at the house George Harvey Collegiate Institute George Harvey Collegiate Institute George Harvey Collegiate Institute GEORGE HARVEY COLLEGIATE IS 15 MIN AWAY BUS STOP IS AT THE FRONT DOOR ON WESTON/NO WALKING TO BUS STOP! We provide high quality meals prepared daily for all students...lot's of meat(protein) and vegetables..prepared fresh... we grantee! if your schools are near by.. you'll be sure to enjoy one of our 2 homes. NEAR BY SCHOOLS BLOOR COLLEGIATE IS 25 MIN AWAY FROM THE HOUSE , BUS STOPS IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE. YOUTUBE CHANNEL PROVIDED AFTER BOOKING hello, we're a 2nd generation korean family. GO SEE OUR 2ND HOME NEXT DOOR AT: Kevin's Homestay - HS101152 Duksoon's Homestay - HS100573 HELLO, WE HAVE 2 ROOMS WITH PRIVATE BATHROOMS AT OUR 2ND HOUSE THAT'S 1 MIN AWAY ON FOOT pics are posted in the SELF LOADED PIC SECTION.. *4TH FLOOR MASTER BEDROOM WILL BE AVAILABLE EARLIEST JUNE 1 LATEST JULY 1 $1200 HAS A ESPRESSO MACHINE , SMALL FRIDGE AND PORTABLE LAUNDRY MACHINE AS WELL AS THE ACCESS TO THE MAIN LAUNDRY MACHINE IN THE KITCHEN. *MAIN FLOOR ROOM WITH PRIVATE BATHROOM AT THE FRONT OF THE ROOM $1100 hello, we provide homestay at our 2 homes that are registered with HOMADORMA. ALL OTHER ROOMS ARE $1000 PER MONTH. YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU'VE MADE ONE OF OUR 2 HOMES AS YOUR HOMESTAY.. WE SELECTED STUDENT'S WHO ARE WELL BEHAVED AND MANNERED. WE ALSO PROVIDE 50MBS UNLIMITED WIFI FOR GAMES AND SPEED! WE PROVIDE GREAT SERVICE INCLUDING PICK UP AND DROP OFF AT THE AIRPORT OR HELP WITH THE MOVE IN. EVERYONE IS ENJOYING THEIR STAY AT OUR HOME WHICH CAN BE AS LONG AS 3 YEARS. YOU WILL NOT REGRET BOOKING WITH US . IT'S CLOSE TO EVERYTHING AND BUS STOP IS AT THE DOOR. youtube channel bus stop to home : WILL BE PROVIDED AFTER THE BOOKING CONFIRMATION. BLOOR COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE 20MIN BISHOP MARCUS HIGH SCHOOL 10 MIN 28 MINUTES TO Fieldstone King's College School BRAEMAR COLLEGE 30MIN downtown 25min bus stop at door (bus stop is right in front of the door) PRIVATE BATHROOM MASTER BEDROOM ASK FOR AVAILABILITY $1200 after booking more pictures of the house/room/neighborhood/youtube channel and pictures of meals will be provided:) we provide high quality service and take care of all guests who stays between 1~2 years or until graduating from high school. CURRENT GUESTS AT THE 2 HOUSES / the houses are 1min apart from eachother: female chinese 18, female chinese 16, female chinese 17, female kazakhstan 16 , male chinese 16. LARGE ROOM ON 4TH FLOOR WITH PRIVATE BATHROOM ! all other rooms are semi private bathroom(1 bathroom shared with only 2 person) and 2nd bathroom available on main floor. We welcome you to Toronto in advance. We've been hosting for the past 6 years.. And currently we're hosting couple of students from Braemar. We provide quality meals and environment that the students require. Bus stop is conveniently located right in front of the house (no walking to a bus stop).Large shopping mall across the road with everything you need. All our guests stay up to 2~3 years until they finish their high school requirements. (IN CASE WE DON'T HAVE A VACANCY PLEASE KEEP IN CONTACT FOR FUTURE REFERENCE YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY IN OUR HOME / WE GUARANTEE IT. the room that's available from sept 5 is the 6th picture! 900 the room that's available from dec 3 is the master bedroom on 4th floor with private bathroom in the room $1200 includes portable laundry machine , fridge and espresso machine. ALSO WE PICK YOU UP AND DRIVE YOU BACK TO THE AIRPORT AT no charge.

Female host
Age Range: 80-89
Continent of Birth: Asia
Occupation Category: Retired, student or unemployed

Age Range: 10-19
Continent of Birth: Asia
Occupation Category: Retired, student or unemployed

Age Range: 10-19
Continent of Birth: Asia
Occupation Category: Retired, student or unemployed

0 Cat
0 Dog

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Host provides material, student prepares own breakfast

No lunch provided

Host prepares dinner for student


Student Room

Bed · Mirror · Desk · Lamp · Wardrobe


Water · Electricity · Heating · Wifi · TV · Washer Dryer


Host Preferences
  • Only accept students between 12-30 years old
  • No smoking inside the house

House rules
    House rules will be included in the contract after booking
    house rules are no different from the ones your parents set for you

    Termination Policy


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