Rachel 的寄宿家庭
房源编号: HS104278

语言: 英语,法语


房间 1
  • 地上房
  • 共用卫生间
  • 入住日期:2022 年 5 月 29 日
大约 100 平方英尺

关于 Rachel 的家庭
2018年成为住我家网 Ottawa 房东

HOMESTAY HOST OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA SPEAKS ENGLISH & FRENCH FLUENTLY To whom it may concern; Rachel lives in an attractive, clean and nicely decorated condo close to Carleton University, Civic Hospital and 33-38 minutes from downtown Glebe Collegial Institute. It is a very pleasant & above-average safe /quiet neighborhood. The home has a private outdoor salt-water swimming pool in summer time. The home is right beside a Broadway restaurant, Hasty Market, Subway, Pizza, Shawarma restaurant and 3 minutes’ walk to the bus stop. The home is situated near the Skating ring of the community Centre in winter and The Rideau Canal with access to the Kayak Club & Mooney's Bay swimming area in summer on the Rideau River. Usually active (skating/walking in winter and enjoy visits to museums, lake beaches, parks, private salted outdoor swimming pool, movies and occasional restaurants. I enjoy going to Montreal or other places on weekends. My son works in Computer Sciences/Engineer and do visit. Rachel teaches part – time in the Ottawa School Systems and in the private sector. We are both born and raised in Canada. We have travelled to Europe and Asia. International students have been staying in their home from over 20 countries and they have enriched their life forever. They have visited some and they have kept in communication with others. Internet & TV access: Includes wireless internet access that works anywhere in the house; Spending more time with each other at dinner to practice language skills and to communicate is very important to establish healthy /friendly relationship. We respect each other with a posted schedule for studying and sleeping time. Rooms are located in a well-maintained 4 bedrooms home & 3 full bathrooms. The 1st upper- floor bedroom $ 750/ month, has a large window that receives a great amount of natural light during the day, one single bed, and one nightstand with storage space, lamps, closet, hangers, desk, chair, mirror, extra pillows, duvet, blanket, linens, towels and detergent. A second double large bedroom is available at a cost of $850/month. I am looking forward to welcoming you in my cozy lovely home. * IMPORTANT INFO: Due to prices increase in groceries, fuel, internet and utilities, my cost has also change. I will occasionally drive the student to its institution in winter due to winter storm or emergency. I will also help you with directions to your institution and other personal necessity. Regards, WELCOME/BONJOUR 翻译


0 猫
0 狗

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Week days: cereals, bread, juice, milk (student serve) Weekend cereals, eggs, toast juice, milk, tea or coffee(student or host)

Week’s day’s lunch: Sandwich, juice, fruit, crunchy granola bars (student serve or host) Weekend lunch: various (light meal soup, juice, sandwich or left overs ex. Rice meat vegetables (host)

Dinner various: juice, fruit, sometimes soup, rice or potatoes, meat, fish ex. Salmon, beef, vegetables, dessert (host)Occasional restaurant (host)



床垫 · 镜子 · 书桌 · 台灯 · 衣柜


水 · 电 · 暖 · 无线互联网 · 电视 · 洗衣干衣机


  • 不接待吸烟的学生

    •• House rules: Be respectful of others
    • No marijuana/tobacco smoking in/on the Premises
    • No smoking/no pets allowed
    • Be responsible & polite.
    • No outdoors shoes in the house.
    • No loud music or noise when someone is sleeping or studying
    • Lock the door after you come in or you leave the house. Security is a must.
    • Clean after yourself in the washroom or after eating at the table.
    • Help out with dishes occasionally whenever possible.
    • Keep your room clean weekly/organize.
    • Laundry is done after 7 PM during the week or anytime on weekend (By host family)
    • Have table manners please: No gobbling or noise making when eating specially noodles.
    • Provide information to host family member if any food allergies, food likes and dislikes.
    • Let host know in advance if you will not be home for dinner or you will be late.
    • If you are sick, host will try her best to accommodate you.
    • Let host know in advance if you are planning to invite a guest.
    • Clean the snow off your coat and your boots outdoor before entering the house.
    • Copy of your passport and health insurance # in case of emergency.
    • Parents ’information and contact number in case of emergency.
    • First & last month's rent for security reasons. You have access to the whole house.
    • Communication is the key to good relation and understanding.
    • Please ask questions for information or support. I can’t guess your thoughts.






    Sandy 的住家
    750 加元
    房间: 2 | 距离: 2.6 公里

    Kim 的住家
    650 加元
    房间: 2 | 距离: 2.6 公里

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    700 加元
    房间: 2 | 距离: 2.9 公里

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    800 加元
    房间: 1 | 距离: 4.9 公里

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    700 加元
    房间: 1 | 距离: 1.8 公里

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    500 加元
    房间: 1 | 距离: 3.4 公里

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    650 加元
    房间: 5 | 距离: 2.7 公里