Airport Pickup

Peace of mind on arrival

CAD 250

A visitor’s first impressions of a country start from the moment they step out of the airport into a place they are largely unfamiliar with. After the long-haul flight, nothing comforts students more than seeing our friendly staff waiting to greet them at the terminal. It means the new country is no longer such a strange place for the students, and they will soon find it becoming their ‘home away from home’.

Service Procedure

1. Pre-departure training

Pre-departure training prepares the student for situations during the trip, and the kind of questions they may be asked at Canadian customs upon arrival.

2. Pickup board with your name

Our designated member of staff will be holding a "pickup board" with the student’s name on it (see image on the right) at the terminal exit after the aircraft lands.

3. Peace of mind on arrival

After picking up the student from the airport, our representative will assist them with calling home to give their parents peace of mind.

4. Safely dropped off

The student will be safely dropped off at their destination.