Pausing or Deactivating Your Listing

  • How do I pause or deactivate my listing?

    If you don’t want to receive any enquiries or requests, you can either pause or deactivate your listing.

    Turning your listing off doesn’t affect your confirmed reservations.

    Temporarily pause your listing

    To "hide" your homestay profile from Homadorma:

    1. Go to Account Settings page
    2. At Pause Account section, you can see your account status as Your account is active
    3. Click the Pause button, then your account will be paused

    Once the account is paused, student will not see your homestay listings on You have the option to resume the account in future when you start looking for student again.

    Permanently deactivate your account

    To permanently deactivate your account:

    1. Go to Account Settings page
    2. At Deactivate Account section, click the Deactivate button, then your account will be removed

    Once the account is deactivated, you will lose access to Your homadorma account can no longer be resumed.

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