Listing Your Homestay

  • How to define whether my room is an upper/ground floor room or a basement?
    • Ground floor room: the floor of a room is at the same level as the ground outside of the house
    • Upper floor room: on a level above the ground floor room.
    • Basement room: floor of the room is either completely or partially below the ground floor.
  • How should I set my homestay price?

    At Homadorma, we believe every homestay family is different. Setting the same rate for everyone is not a true reflection of the difference among homestays. Instead, you have the rights to set the price. The price could also be updated. A general rule of thumb is to stay competitive in the marketplace.

    Additional Fees
    To charge extra fees outside of your rates (like a cleaning fee, school pick-up fee), you must first disclose these potential charges to students prior to booking in your Profile Regulations.

  • How do I share my House Rules with students?

    Hosts share their Homestay House Rules to set expectations with their students, like limits on smoking, curfew, laundry time. List them in your Homestay Regulations.

    To add or edit your House Rule in your profile:

    1. Log in to your host account and go to Homestay Features page
    2. At the bottom of the page, you will find Self Introduction and Regulations
    3. Enter your House Rules and Regulations in the text box

    House Rules appear on your listing page, and students must review and agree to them before requesting a reservation. Your House Rules are also attached to the contract between host and student once the booking is confirmed.

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