Homadorma Staff Interview Badge

  • What is Homadorma Staff Interview Badge?

    What is Homadorma Staff Interview Badge?
    Homestays that have been interviewed by Homadorma staff will be awarded a Interview Badge.

    Staff Interview Badge

    What's completed at Interview?

    • Face to face meeting with Homadorma staff
    • Professional photo shoot of the homestay
    • Information and ID verification
    • Staff submits meeting survey to homadorma

    Which Cities Are Available?

    • Greater Toronto Area
    • Metro Vancouver
    • Greater Montreal
    • Calgary
    • Edmonton
    • Winnipeg
    • Halifax/Dartmouth
    • Ottawa/Gatineau
    • Hamilton
    • St. Catharines
    • Welland
    • Niagara Falls
    • London
    • Guelph
    • Waterloo
    • Kitchener
    • Cambridge
    • Windsor
    • Victoria

  • How to book a staff interview?

    To book a staff interview:

    1. Go to Homestay Services
    2. Click the Edit button on the property that you'd like us to visit
    3. Click the Badges to Earn link on the left menu section
    4. Click the Staff Interview Process button, and learn about the staff interview process
    5. Book your staff interview by clicking the BOOK button. You can book either a free or premium interview based on your preference.

  • I requested a Staff Interview a while ago, but I haven't been scheduled yet. What can I do to get scheduled sooner?

    It is difficult to predict when you will be scheduled for free staff interview, because there are always many homestays competing for the same opportunity. The average scheduling wait time for free version is about 8 weeks on average.

    Alternatively you may wish to consider the Premium Staff Interview, if you'd like to promote you homestay as soon as possible. The scheduling wait time for premium staff interview is 1-3 business days, which helps you connect with students sooner.

  • How should I prepare for my staff interview?

    During the Staff Interview, the staff interviewers will take photos of your space, verify the official ID of the host, check the Public View page information of the property. After the interview, the staff interviewers will rank and review the interview experience. Qualified property will receive a Staff Interview badge. It’s quite important to prepare well for the interview. So, there’s your check list for the Staff Interview preparation:

    • Complete and update your homestay profile. If you need help with your profile completion, please check: What does a good listing profile look like?
      Note: The staff interview is provided free of charge to our hosts with the purpose of helping our hosts build a better profile to attract new students. Incomplete homestay profile reduces the opportunity of the hosts getting booked. So we want to make sure the homestay families are serious about hosting before we send our staff interviewer.
    • Make your spaces ready for photoshoot
      Homadorma staff will be taking professional photo of the following areas of your house/apartment:
      • At least one student bedroom (mandatory)
      • Student washroom
      • Common area accessible to the students
      • Backyard overlooking the house (optional)
    • Profile verification
      During the interview, the staff interviewer will verify your information on Homadorma. He/She will complete a survey that documents the interview. Please double check your profile information is all up to date.

  • Do I have to get the Staff Interview badge to make booking with students?

    No, you don’t need a staff interview badge to accept bookings from students. However, homestays with such badges rank higher than yours and get more exposure to the students. More exposure leads to better chance of getting booked. Without the badge, students may consider your homestays not qualified by homadorma standards.

  • I requested a staff interview. What happens if I cannot work with the interviewer's schedule, or my place is not ready for photoshoot?

    We understand schedule conflicts might happen. Sometimes things may get in your way unexpectedly. On our end, each cancelled staff interview results in schedule disruption. What we need from you is open communication to help us minimize such disruption.

    Notice to Cancel

    You need to let our staff interviewer know if you are not able to proceed the staff interview as scheduled.

    • 48-hour notice is given. You need to provide an explanation of the reason of cancellation the next time you schedule the staff interview
    • Less than 48-hour notice is given. No refund will be issued. An additional $50 is charged to schedule the staff interview next time, unless for situations covered under Extenuating Circumstances.

    Cancellation without notice
    No refund will be issued. Your account would be suspended, unless for situations covered under Extenuating Circumstances.

  • What is Staff Interview Review?

    Our staff interviewers complete a survey that documents their experience with the homestay after the interview. Homestays are rated on a 5-point scale and commented by the staff interviewers. Hosts have control to show or hide such ratings and comments on the public view.

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